Flashback Video: Deworm Ghana 2011

Did you know that. . .
Two billion people world-wide are affected by Soil Transmitted Helminths (STH) and Schistosomes (also commonly referred to as “worms”).  These infections account for over 40 percent of the worldwide burden of all tropical diseases, excluding malaria.

While many infections are chronic and non-life threatening,
00 million of those infected suffer from this severe illness,
and over 150,000 die annually.

Children in low and middle income countries are particularly vulnerable, and the infections cause health problems that both impair physical and mental development, and limit attendance and performance in school, hampering a child’s development.
Our Goal
Deworm as many school children as possible annually with the help of  volunteers, teachers and community health care providers.

Our Mission
To organize a sustained deworming outreach program in schools to treat children with worm infections while improving education through an integrated school health program that includes the key elements of the FRESH (Focus Resources on Effective School Health) framework.

What you can do
Join us in Ghana in 2012 as a Volunteer as we deworm children in Africa.  Learn more about volunteering this summer with Deworm Ghana 2012 by clicking on the tab 'Volunteer'.

Fundraising and Donations: You can organize a small event with your friends to raise any pennies towards the outreach. It costs just $0.50 to treat a child who has worms. You can make your donation by clicking here.