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Record number of parents meet VPWA Deworm Ghana team at Nkyenenkyene

posted Jul 19, 2011, 3:03 PM by Deworm Ghana

After an exciting weekend exploring Ghana, the VPWA Deworm Ghana team was eager to get back to work today. And although heavy rains did complicate efforts, the team successfully completed another aggressive day of deworming across three different schools.


First, VPWA visited the village of Bowkrom and the students Bowkrom L/A Primary School. VPWA distributed deworming medication to 89 students at this school. A total of 38 girls age 6 to 15, and a total of 51 boys age 6 to 18 were dewormed.


Second, VPWA visited, Kwakye-Krom LA Primary School in Kwakye-Krom. At this school, VPWA dewormed a total of 81 students. 39 of the students were girls, ranging in age from 6 to 14 years old. 42 of the students were boys, ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old. In addition to deworming students, the VPWA team met with approximately ten parents of the school children to explain the importance of deworming regularly to ensure children grow up healthy.


Fortunately, by the time the VPWA team reached the last school of the day, Nkyenenkyene Presbyterian Primary School in the village of Nkyenenkyene, it had stopped raining. At this school, the VPWA team arrived to a room with nearly fifty parents who came to the school to meet with the volunteers and learn about the importance of deworming their children. The parents were enthusiastic about the Deworm Ghana Project, and asked many excellent questions about worms and ways to prevent infection. Following the question and answer session with the Nkyenenkyene parents, a group of the students at Nkyenenkyene Presbyterian Primary School entertained the VPWA volunteers with traditional Ghanian song and dance. The show was incredible! Following the performance, VPWA got to work administering deworming medication. 119 female students age 5 to 15 and 144 male students age 5 to 17 participated in the deworming exercise. In total, 263 students at Nkyenenkyene Presbyterian Primary School were dewormed by VPWA.


In summary, July 18, 2011 was a successful day for the team, as they administered deworming medication to 433 students. Week Two of the Deworm Ghana project is off to a tremendous start!