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Over 3000 children benefits from VPWA Deworm Ghana program so far.

posted Jul 19, 2011, 3:12 PM by Deworm Ghana

Today was a record breaking day for the Deworm Ghana Project, as the VPWA volunteers administered medication to 918 students! As a result, the Deworm Ghana Project has succeeded in reaching an important milestone of deworming over 3000 children! In fact, 3047 students have taken part in Deworm Ghana.


Again, VPWA visited three different schools to conduct education in the prevention of worms as well as to administer albendazole to treat such worms. First, VPWA visited Duayeden L/C Primary School in the village of Duayeden. At the school, the volunteers were greeted warmly by both the children and the teachers, who also helped us stress the importance of preventing worm infections by ALWAYS wearing shoes when outside, NEVER eating fruits or vegetables without first washing them, ALWAYS washing hands using soap and water prior to eating, and finally, NEVER drinking water that has not been treated. The VPWA team welcomed such enthusiastic support from the teachers at Duayeden L/C Primary School – these students are lucky to have such great teachers! After administering medication to 34 girls age 6 to 15 and 29 boys age 5 to 15, the team had to move onto the next school.


Next, in the village of Anoff, VPWA visited students at Anoff L/A KG/Primary School. At this school, 127 female students age 5 to 15 and 125 male students age 5 to 16 participated in the deworming exercise. In total, 252 students at Anoff L/A KG/Primary School were dewormed by VPWA. In addition, a large group of parents attended the program, also receiving health education regarding the importance of maintaining good hygiene to prevent future worm infections as well as administering deworming medication every six months to treat any infections that may occur.


Finally, VPWA returned to the town of Adoagyiri to deworm nearly 600 students at Adoagyiri R/C Catholic Primary School. Specifically, VPWA administerd deworming medication to a total of 593 students. 381 of the students were girls, ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old. 212 of the students were boys, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old.


Two more days remain in VPWA’s special medical outreach efforts. Let’s hope these two days are just as successful as those that have come before!
By Nicole Bolton - VPWA 2011 Deworm Ghana Volunteer