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Deworm 2011 - Day 3

posted Jul 14, 2011, 2:38 PM by Deworm Ghana
Today, in the town of Adoagyiri, the VPWA Deworm Ghana Team again continued to deworm children throughout Ghana's Akuapim South Municipal District. The school the group visited today is Adoagyiri Methodist Basic School. 184 students attended the programming. As a result, 86 girls and 98 boys, both ranging in age from 5 to sixteen years, were dewormed. In addition, two boy students who were able to answer VPWA's Deworming Pop Quiz Questions won a VPWA sticker. The children and teachers of Adoagyiri Methodist Basic School were grateful to be included in the Deworm Ghana Project, and expressed sincere thanks to all the VPWA team members at the end of the program.

By Nicole Bolton- Deworm 2011 Volunteer: View more pictures of the outreach on VPWA Facebook group.