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Day 7:Parallel presentations

posted Jul 17, 2012, 3:16 PM by Deworm Ghana

After the extremely long and tiring day yesterday for the volunteers, we have a much easier day ahead of us today. We will be at two smaller schools today in Kwaffokrom and Ntoaso – both not too far from Darmang.

Today, the volunteers are colour-coded: the boys wearing blue shirts and the girls wearing red. In addition to yesterday’s team members we are also joined by Amrita a volunteer from the U.S. who has been working on the VPWA microfinance project.

We start at Akuffokrom Local Authority Basic School. The children here are remarkably quiet and orderly – perhaps even a little apprehensive. It’s interesting how the schools here are all so different from one another. After the introduction to worms and how to stay healthy, Hayford has a real challenge on his hands to get the children to participate actively in the Q&A session. They need lots of encouragement, but after a slow start, Hayford eventually gets a dozen children to explain what they’ve learnt about worms. Each of them gets a pen or a pencil in reward for their contribution.

We process the 148 children really quickly and are complete and packed-up well before 10am. It’s been an easy day so far compared to yesterday.

We’re at Ntoaso S.D.A. Primary School just 15 minutes later and start the set-up. Only three parents are here and we would ideally like more to be present. One of the key aspects of the project is that we also educate the parents on how to keep their children clear of worms and the importance of giving them de-worming medicine at least once per year. So, we send off the children who live locally to fetch their parents. After 15 minutes we have a classroom full of 15 attentive parents listening to Hayford’s presentation.

In parallel, Mark does the introductory presentation to the children. Within a short while we are back to measuring, weighing and administering medicine. We process 187 children and are all done by 11:30 and back in Darmang by noon.

Bettina and Martina start the data entry process, Mark writes this blog and Emilia, Johanna and Amrita prepare our lunch. We should be finished with the data entry quite quickly and can take the afternoon and evening off which will be really nice.