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Day 6: wow~ what a day!

posted Jul 17, 2012, 3:14 PM by Deworm Ghana

We’ve had a couple of personnel changes, so here’s an update on who’s in the team. From Ghana: Hayford, Simon, Stephen and Enoch. From Sweden: Johanna and Emilia. From Italy: Martina. From Austria: Bettina. From the UK: Mark.

We’ve got a tough day ahead. Three schools in Nsawam with a total of over 1000 children.

We do our usual introduction about worms followed by a Q&A session conducted by Hayford in front of hundreds of children at Reverend Father Weiggers Roman Catholic Primary School. We’re then quickly at work at our three stations with long queues of children at each. There are so many children that it takes us through until 12pm to get everyone processed. Somehow, two or three hours of work doesn’t sound like much but it’s hot and tiring all the same. We’ve given medication to 739 children, which is very satisfying.

We move over to two joint schools (Osaebo Local Authority Primary School and SakyiAgyakwa Primary ‘B’), just five minutes drive away from the first school, and so no time for lunch or a break. Just a quick swig from a bottle of water and a cookie or tangerine each as we drive.

We gather all the children together in the playground to listen to the talk on worms. But, this time it starts raining just as Mark starts his presentation. So, we quickly move the children into two classrooms and give two separate presentations and Q&A sessions in very cramped conditions.

We’re onto measuring, weighing and administering medicine soon after. We work quickly despite the large numbers. All finished and everyone exhausted by 14:30 having processed a further 359 children.

Martina, Johanna and Emilia sit on the ground at the edge of the school playground to take a rest and are quickly surrounded by children guessing their ages and reciting their names. This is one of the things that make this project fun.