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Day 5: Playground and indoor assembly

posted Jul 13, 2012, 12:31 PM by Deworm Ghana

The team are back in red shirts again and this time also joined by Adele and Anna.  

Today, we’re visiting two Islamic schools in Adoagiyri – just a few minutes drive from Darmang. We’re all set up at Al-Rajhi Islamic Primary School by 09:30 and with all the schoolchildren gathered in front of us in the playground. This is another fairly small school, so the children are quickly gathered to listen to the introductory talk on worms and how to keep clean, safe and worm-free.

When it’s time for Hayford’s Q&A session, they are all super-enthusiastic to answer the questions and show how much they have remembered from the presentation. Today, any child answering a question gets a pen as a reward.

From three stations, we process the 165 children very quickly and are all done by 10:30. The second school – Al-Badar Islamic School – is so close it only takes a few short minutes to get there and we are already setting up by 10:45.

This time the school is somewhat different to all the other ones we’ve been to. Usually, we have the children assemble in the playground and the stations are set up in a shaded passageway at the side of the school. This time, though, we’re upstairs and inside in quite a small, enclosed school. It feels quite strange to be inside and the noise is deafening as the kids start to assemble in the main room. But, once they settle down, they are very attentive during the introductory session and answer all the questions keenly.

Given the space constraints, we decide to set up just two stations: one for boys and one for girls. As it’s a fairly small school, we’re finished by 11:45 having given medication to 166 children and back in Darmang just after noon for a bite of lunch and then starting the data entry process.