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Day3 : And we're in blue

posted Jul 13, 2012, 3:02 AM by Deworm Ghana

It’s been red for the last two days, but today the team head out at 8am in crisp new blue VPWA shirts to our toughest challenge yet: two very large schools in Nsawam (Nsawam Methodist and Nana Osae Djan Primary) with a combined total of roughly 1050 schoolchildren.

Now that we’re into our third day of the project, we’re starting to get into a slick routine with each of us having defined roles.

The whole team sets up three stations at the first school: table and chair for a teacher to sit and record the details of each child plus scales and a tape measure. And, we hang up a “De-worm Ghana 2012” banner for all to see.

Once all the schoolchildren are gathered in the playground, Mark explains to them about the dangers of worms and how to stay safe. Hayford then steps up to provide an animated and entertaining Q&A session with small prizes (fancy pencils) to each child that answers a question correctly.

We’re very soon into the thick of the action with Kathy, Emilia and Johanna giving out medicine and reward stickers and Eric, Enoch and Mark weighing and measuring each child. Hayford, Simon and Stephen coordinate the activities, organize the queuing and ensure that all the children attend one of the stations.

After 90 minutes of frenzied activity, we’re onto the second school and a repeat process of set-up, introduction, Q&A, weighing, measuring and administering medication.

We’re all done by 1:30pm and completely exhausted.

Kathy heads home to California after a successful and valuable contribution to the project whilst Emilia, Johanna and Mark work into the evening entering all of today’s data into the computer for analysis.