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Day 2, ''Like a well-oiled machine''

posted Jul 11, 2012, 12:47 PM by Deworm Ghana   [ updated Jul 11, 2012, 12:48 PM ]

Our outings today included 2 villages in the municipality, the first being Obodan where we visited Obodan Presbyterian school.  This location was not as far as Aburi but in the same direction, so the scenery was familiar as 8 volunteers made the trip through the countryside.  At this school, there were  168 children in attendance all in their matching uniforms of blue with white trim.  The children were neat and tidy and seemed excited to learn about worms!

Mark again gave an introduction to the children, but in this case there was a Q and A session conducted by Mr. Siaw which confirmed that the children had learned the basics.  Many correctly answered questions about prevention (wearing shoes, hand washing, bathing) and so on.  They received a pen if they gave a correct answer, which occurred in nearly every case and proved their attentiveness. 

Again the children lined up as before, by gender and classroom.  Their wonderful teachers valiantly recorded much important information and the children gamely consumed the worm medication.  All went smoothly and we were finished in record time!

Our next stop was Nsaba Presbyterian Primary School in Pokrom-Nsaba.  This was just a short drive back towards Darmang from the first.   Like a well-oiled machine, the children lined up by gender and grade and the process went extremely smoothly.   A total of 294 students were in attendance and they were all pleasant and friendly to a fault!  The teachers and staff too were helpful and supportive.

Yet another successful day….tomorrow will be a big day as we have 2 large schools in Nsawam which are prepared to receive us.

By Kathy Brady